Life Cycle Events

Baby Namings:


B’sha’a Tova! (pre-emptive congratulatory expression) I am so excited to create your baby’s naming ceremony.  I will work with you to design and officiate a ceremony that matches your family’s philosophical and parenting views. I specialize in contemporary and alternative ceremonies for both baby boys and girls.

I am also available to help you chose a Hebrew name for your son/daughter. Whether you are looking for a Biblical name, a Modern Hebrew name, or something truly unique, I am here to help!




As an invested Cantor, I am available to officiate or co-officiate your Wedding ceremony. I will help you to create your own unique and memorable ceremony. I can help you choose the music to which you will walk down the aisle and find ways to involve those important to you in your ceremony. I can bring in elements of a traditional Jewish wedding and/or integrate new and old traditions. This is your wedding day and I want to help you have the ceremony that you envision.